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2024 Denver Broncos Draft Thoughts

By “2024 Denver Broncos Draft”, I of course mean “Bo Nix”. It’s been a number of years since I’ve dedicated enough time to pre-draft research to have informed opinions about any but the top draft picks, and the intervening years have convinced me that even a lifetime dedictaed to researching and analyzing college prospects will only marginally improve your ability to project success at the pro level. A few weeks of crammed reading of others’ analysis might be interesting or fun, but it isn’t useful.

With that said, I do enjoy thinking about team building, and I am a Broncos fan. While I let the Russell Wilson era/disaster go by without breaking out the ol’ blog, the Broncos rarely draft QBs, and have only drafted one higher than the 12th overall pick just spent on Bo Nix – the 11th overall pick used to take Jay Cutler in the 2006 NFL Draft.

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